Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Imagine Vegan Cafe [Take 1]

My first experience with the only fully vegan restaurant in Memphis was disappointing but inconclusive. It was Sunday. I had just gotten off of a bus where I spent nearly 4 hours surrounded by other people and I needed desperately to pee the entire time. This was the day after the worst work week of my existence, which concluded with a 35 hour shift that did not end until the wee hours of Sunday morning. During this shift, I was injured, as was my coworker, and some heartbreaking [confidential] things happened. I was in an extra special kind of bad mood.

My fiancé decided we should try Imagine, probably in an attempt to cheer me up since he knew about my heinous week. We parked on a side road nearby and walked. As we got close we realized that despite the neon sign proclaiming that they were open, they were, in fact, closed. I looked at the hours. Sunday: 12pm-3pm, Monday and Tuesday: closed. I didn't read beyond that because my return trip was today (Tuesday). Or maybe it was because I was annoyed that a restaurant would be open only 3 hours total between Sunday and Tuesday. That's just stupid to me. Apparently vegans don't need to eat those days. I'm sure the other hours were stupid too.

Regardless, I will go back and try it one day soon. That's why the review is inconclusive. I suppose I'd rather have a vegan restaurant with stupid hours than no vegan restaurant at all. And this just proves the need for my dream restaurant that I hope to open one day. :)

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